Zero Film Festival is the first and only festival EXCLUSIVE to self financed filmmakers and the authentically independent films they create.

ZFF is a New York based independent not-for-profit organization firmly committed to supporting under-represented filmmakers and screening the world's best self-financed films for cinema lovers everywhere. ZFF focuses on community, inclusivity and good times on planet Earth.

the festival:

In the age where the majority of festivals are Hollywood marketing campaigns, and even "indie" and "underground" festivals screen financed films, we exist to offer something different. Each year Zero holds events in New York, Los Angeles, London and Toronto, providing exposure in key cities for authentically independent filmmakers.

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rich h

Rich spent his kid years in mountain silence snowboarding with friends. After two years in Switzerland he returned to the states to finish his university degree in International Economics, then jumped ship to help preserve freshwater in China. There, in the back alleyways of Shanghai, the winds changed and he found himself in los angeles learning to tell stories in the language of cinema. After completing the now lost feature film Journey Green Forest, exposure to current film festival conditions inspired him to create the Zero Film Festival.

brenda c
director, south america

Brenda is from Peru.

laura c
london coordinator

After leaving her hometown Rome to travel around Europe and beyond, Laura found herself in London, where she develops innovative marketing and communication strategies for creative projects. Her passion about festivals led her to create together with FKRSTUDIO the FESTinVAN, a road docu-serial about cultural festivals around the world. She became involved in the ZFF to make the European tour a brilliant reality.

joanna ll
los angeles coordinator

Joanna is a filmmaker and visual anthropologist based in the U.S. and Europe. She is focused on pursuing projects that foster cross-cultural and generational exchanges. She is currently working on her first documentary feature.

“Beyond all of cinema’s offerings is that it is a shared experience, a platform for engagement, and vehicle for change. It is with this idealism and support of the filmmaking community that I come to Zero.”