London 2013

ZERO London is here again. Join us at the Netil House in Dalston on July 25th and July 26th.

event: 3rd Annual Zero Fest London
date: July 25th and 26th
time: 8pm- 11pm
place: Netil House
cost: Discount Pre-Sale Available Here

Program Info:

THURSDAY July 25th:

Kayip- Dir. Mete Sozer 14min Belgium/Turkey
After a painful breakup with the love of his life, a man waits at a cafe for a lifetime, hoping she would walk in again.

Protocol X- Dir. Zack Ward 13min US
In a remote hospital a young subject volunteers to test an experimental drug and as his IQ increases, so does his ability to see into an invisible world of horrors.

Euphoria- Dir. Jon Howe 14min UK
After a night out celebrating becoming a father for the first time, a youngman struggles to get home and comes to realise that his life must change.

An Angry Cloud- Dir. Jacqui Siler 1min UK/US
Life from my point of view, as an epileptic.

Stolen Light- Dir. Riccardo Sai 15min UK
As Rose sinks further into depression, Jonas tries desperately to revive their relationship so they can start again but will his efforts be enough?


Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution- Dir. Matthew VanDyke 14min Syria
The story of the Syrian revolution as told through the experiences of two young Syrians, a male rebel fighter and a female journalist, as they fight an oppressive regime for the freedom of their people.

Filming Sex- Dir. Masha Kolchina 10min UK
A visually stylized exploration of the human relation to image, analyzing the psychological drive behind the creation of homemade pornographic films and its relation to contemporary consumption of pornography.

Bird Shit- Dir. Caleb Wood 1min Japan
A study of birds, through an arrangement of photos of bird shit.

The Robbery- Dir. James Gentle 10min UK
Three men, one empty house, a plan... What could go wrong?

Darker Shade of Green- Dir. Edward Andrews 30min UK
After witnessing an assault on a woman, a troubled and lonely man attempts to shift the guilt of his past and gain redemption through revenge.

FRIDAY July 26th:

Night in a Hotel- Dir. Daniel Kontur 13min UK
James seeks nothing more than to make his young son happy. The boy's obsession with getting waved back from the morning train affects his otherwise happy childhood. James sets off to the nearby town to take the morning train but meets a mysterious old stranger in a hotel the night before.

Il Neige Sur Acapulco- Dir. Aurelien Drach 8min Mexico/France
Last evening in Mexico for a group of friends... before returning to Paris.

I Can See Into Next Door’s Garden- Dir. Dominic Hedges 13min UK
Set in Dagenham. John has been shot and he knows why. As he bleeds out in his home studio what follows is his conversation with the Emergency Operator. However, what should be a regular, unfortunate call turns out to be the making of both them.

Cinnamon Chasing Lights- Dir. Ferit Ketpoglu 4 min Turkey
People all around the city start to gather lights from places and meet up in the forest for tribal-electro party.

Feel Flows- Dir. Paris Zarcilla 8min UK
A neo-tribal hunter trying to save his dying wife from the literal clutches of death goes to beg the Oracles to help him before it's too late...

Aftermath- Dir. Irina Alexia 13min UK
The story of a delinquent gang that spends their time committing petty crimes, robs a middle aged couple on a country road only to discover things are not what they seem, and playing games can get you hurt.


Kick Off- Dir. Zoran Trajkovic 5min UK
As protests threaten to erupt, are the boundaries dividing us as clear as they seem?

Lonely Eros- Dir. Ellen Andries & Thomas Maddens 1min Belgium
It pulls you in and may not let you go..

HappyHolic- Dir. Guillermo-Jimenez Castellanos 12min UK
A personal story about life, loneliness and lies from the points of view of two different characters who share a common hope: being happy.

82- Dir. Calum MacDiarmid 7min UK
A postman lets us into his dark world in quiet suburbia.

Aslym Seekers- Dir. Hollie Ebdon 12min UK
ASYLUM SEEKERS is an exploration of the cyclical and often devastating nature of psychological disorders with a darkly comedic slant.We follow two women, Lucretia and Crystal as they emerge back into the humdrum of reality after an extended stint in a Psychiatric Unit. Through several comical and familiar disappointments, the two girls revert to their own universe where they are all powerful and back in control of their environment. Ultimately the outside world creeps back into their lives but will they choose to partake in it?

Blind Faith- Dir. Gino Evans 30min UK
Blind Faith is set in Manchester city centre. It follows Jed, a homeless man, who is convinced that the love for his girlfriend and his spiritual belief will somehow turn his life around. Blind Faith



By ZERO's Matthew Keff

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