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The Zero community is a globally connected network of creative individuals. These are the brave people who have dedicated themselves to the fulfillment of their potential, to the realization of their creative possibility.

Zero exists to provide experiences allowing space for communication between these bright lights. Feel free to contact the members of the Zero community.


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local natives

The Local Natives have been in the Zero community from the start. Good Times, Planet Earth.



Fawnhawk free live performance and video premiere on Dec. 9th at the Space 15Twenty in Hollywood.



When your songs are too big to be contained: form a band. Catch them at Zero on 11/13.


bear in heaven

Bear in Heaven have trapped echos, tremors, winds, and fading light. Theyve redefined time, and folded it. Now catch a dj set Nov. 20th in Brooklyn.


asobi seksu

Oceans of sound coming your way November 13th for the New York opening event.


school of seven bells

While watching PBS at 3am, Alejandra caught a show about the School of Seven Bells: a mythical South American pickpocket academy that may or may not have existed in the ‘80s. Now they play the New York closing night party on November 20th!

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