event: 5th Annual Zero Film Festival New York
date: November 7 + 8
time: TBD
place: Nov. 7th Soho House + Nov. 8th Tribeca Grand
ticket: Discount Pre-Sale Tickets CLICK HERE
program: Complete info below

November 7th- Soho House

Feature Film- Hunter

November 8th- Tribeca Grand
8:30-10:30pm Short Film Block - After-Party To Follow

NYC Bitty Gritty- Directed by Mike Rizzo (New York)
Short synopsis: A quick look at just another day of living in New York City. The beauty, the people, the usual, the everyday commuting and of course, the grittiness that gives NYC character like no other.

The First Day- Directed by Nicholas Zafonte (New York)
A captive patient wakes in a mysterious, white room and is diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder that causes chronic deja vu, but suspects his doctors may not be telling him the whole truth.
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She's a Stranger- Directed by Kenneth Karlstad (Norway)
Short synopsis: A girl locks herself inside her hotel suite with another girl who is reluctantly forced to stay. They don't know each other at all. Within a brief period of time their boundaries of social interaction are put to the test in this unconventional way of getting to know each other.

Silent Treatment- Directed by Mark Lobatto (United Kingdom)
Short synopsis: In a bleak, stagnant waiting area, where time stands still and odd characters sink with gloom, two strangers are compelled to connect. An encounter where actions literally speak louder than words.

The Olympians- Directed by Karl Maddix, Animation(United Kingdom)
Short synopis: The Gods of Olympus descend upon London during the Olympic Games. Our heroine Olympia, the embodiment of the Olympic flame must use her athletic prowess to defeat Hades atop Mount Olympus and relight the Olympic torch. A gorgeous and stylised animation of epic proportions.

Black Box- Directed by Adam Pray (New York)
Short synopsis: Black Box is a story as inspirational as being beat at pool by a one-armed lesbian. Or, doing lines of blow off a toilet seat with a Canadian Ballerina. Stories that come once in a lifetime. Stories you don't tell your mother.

Croton Falls- Directed by Joseph Marconi (New York)
Short synopsis: After the discovery of a human collective consciousness, Will Kent finds his own reality unhinged between two very different present lives.
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Bind- Directed by Kris Byrnes (New York)
Short synopsis: A young woman living in a repressive dystopian society faces a difficult choice whether to give birth and raise a child in the crumbling world around her or risk her health and freedom for a dangerous illegal procedure. Trailer

The House at the Edge of the Galaxy- Directed by Gleb Osatinski (New York)
Short synopsis: Alone in his own world, a solitary child is taught a valuable lesson by a Cosmonaut who happens by.
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Seule- Directed by Tono Chouza (Spain)
Short synopsis: Seule takes every detail of your surroundings so that solitude is not a defeat, but a way of life.
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Untitled- Directed by Conor McBride (Ireland/New York)
Short synopsis: 'Untitled' explores what happens when an artist's latest project engulfs their life, when the separation between the artist and their work begins to blur.

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