ZERO Canada

event: 3rd Annual Zero Film Festival Canada- Toronto + Montreal
date: Montreal October 3 + Toronto October 4
time: Montreal 10/3: 7-11pm, Toronto 10/4: 7-11pm
place: Montreal- Cinema du Parc- Toronto- 918 Bathurst
cost: $10
pre-sale tickets: Montreal-Here and Toronto- Here
program: Info Below

For 2013 We are excited to bring an all new collection of films to both Montreal and Toronto. Come out and enjoy true independent cinema at its finest. There will be films to make you laugh, cry, boo and cheer. We hope it will make you fall in love with cinema all over again.


October 3- Shorts Program

Friends of Brenda 15 min Montreal dir. Caitlin Murphy
Brenda is very pregnant and her friends are trying to throw her a baby shower. They mean well... they really do.

Le Blue du Chem de Fer 6 min Monntreal dir. Robert Paguin
A train spotter laments. His observation and his hopes expressed in music.

Almost Nothing 5 min Ireland dir. Deborah McDonagh
A contemporary perspective on depression and mental illness.

Merci Beaucoup Bradley Cooper 12 min France dir. Anne-Christine Caro
A struggling actress runs into the look alike of actor Bradley Cooper. She uses him to gain inside access at the Cannes Film Festival.

Not Anymore: A Story of the Revolution 15 min Syria dir. Matthew VanDyke
The story of the Syrian revolution as told through the experiences of two young Syrians, a male rebel fighter and a female journalist.

Here and Away 8 min Nova Scotia dir. Andrew MacCormack
A poetic narrative about two people of different ethnicities, living two contrary lifestyles, in polar opposite cultures, a small island and a large city.

Bavette- Airplane Friendship 4 min Switzerland dir. Simon Wannaz
Follow the blind child and see where he leads you!

Silent Voices 8 min Canada dir. David O'Brien
This animated film mashes up digital and natural worlds in a montage of conflicting environments.

This is Shanghai 3 min Singapore dir. Rob Whitworth
In 1980 Shanghai had no skyscrapers. It now has 4,000, more than twice that of New York. This is Shanghai explores the diversity and eccentricities of the metropolis, going beyond the skyline.


October 4- Program

Buried Treasure 30 min Toronto/Los Angeles dir Leslie Hope
Fortunes Shift for a man stricken by tragedy when he unwittingly stumbles upon a hidden treasure.

Sonmium 15 min Toronto dir. Adam Pelletier
A visitor from beyond our galaxy and understanding is transported to Earth

Hasard 12 min Toronto dir. Toronto Cyril Eberle
Losing a bet to older friends, eight year old Eloy steals a coin from an antiques store. From that day forward he flips the coin whenever faced with a decision, basing his choices on chance.

The Crooked Archer 13 min Toronto dir. Sean Tighe
A mischievous group of sailors on shore leave find themselves facing the wrath of the local pimp. The sailors must band together to defend themselves against hte pimp and his gang, who will stop at nothing to reclaim what is owed.

SIGHTINGS 4 min Canada dir. Kent Tate
Exploring aspects of the world as it appears today.

The Windermere Guest 15 min New York dir. Greg Slagle
Based on a true event in New York, the protagonist is hired to "take care" of the biggest crime boss in NYC, Salvatore "Toto" D'Aquila.

Terminus 10 min New York dir. Barnett Brettler
Two young lovers try to rekindle old feelings as they make their way home through the New York City subway system.

Wisp 6 min Toronto dir. Shaughn Cameron
A story of marooned survivors on a barren world.

A Subsequent Life 8 min Toronto dir. Katie Boland, Rebekah Miskin
Recounts select excerpts of a young woman's life which has been forever changed in teh wake of her only brother's death.

Pillow Girl 8 min Denver dir. Ronnie Cramer
Installation of vintage paperback romance novels.

My Favorite Thing Toronto 3 min dir. Sherren Lee
An interview with a man turns into a confession.

Quantom 13 min Toronto dir. Aren Bergstrom
A scruffy janitor must overcome his hatred for his sister's cocky fiance in order to save her from a diabolical industrialist who seeks to steal her teleportation machine.

Alegra & Jim 15 min Toronto dir. Matt Purdy
This is an icky film about an icky subject. Beware!

Foot in the Door 7 min Toronto dir. Vikram Dhava
A prostitute meets a thief who entices her to consider an alternate source of income.

Silent Voices 8 min Canada dir. David O'Brien
This animated film mashes up digital and natural worlds in a montage of conflicting environments.

Dance for Life 9 min Toronto dir. Tess Hamilton
This light hearted documentary explores how dance increases vitality, longevity and quality of life of senior citizens.

The Path 15 min Toronto dir. Emily Jenkins
When people stop dying from cigarettes, a marketing prodigy rebrands the nicotine patch to become the new death drug. Hilarity ensues.

BROKEN 7 min Toronto dir. Brian Demoskoff
A look at someone unbalanced in self-destructive behavior.

Omega 9 min Toronto dir. Patrick Duchesne
A meditation on the relationship between teh universe in motion and collective human unconscious.